At Kraton, innovation is driven by creativity, passion and active assessment of market trends. As a leading supplier of biobased tackifying resins and a global leader in styrenic-block-copolymers (SBC) technology, Kraton offers a broad range of tackifiers and polymers for adhesive applications that make up many end-use products, such as labels and tapes. With an innovative focus targeting safer and cleaner technology solutions, Kraton enables the formulation of adhesives tailored to meet customer challenges in various specialty applications: from improving adhesion to difficult-to-bond substrates to increasing process speed as well as alternative functionalities. Kraton’s state-of-the-art laboratories and advanced technology platforms allow for the development of innovations that stay on the edge of emerging customer needs and regulatory changes. Through global operations, customer collaboration and continuous innovation, Kraton ensures the reliable supply and delivery of high-quality products that support customer needs and future growth.