Founded already in 1851, Lohmann is regarded and respected as a pioneer in adhesive tape technology and today operates worldwide. Although they are invisible to us, we encounter Lohmann’s adhesive products everywhere. For example, car emblems, flat screens, furniture surfaces, roof insulation, ECG electrodes, diagnostic test strips, surgical drapes, diaper fastening systems or packaging printing – without bonding, the world would look quite different than it does today. This is because as a bonding technology, high-end adhesive solutions have outstripped conventional solutions such as riveting, welding and screwing in many areas.

Lohmann offers state-of-the-art adhesive solutions primarily for the processing industry. The company is particularly active in five specific market segments – Building & Construction, Consumer Goods & Electronics, Graphics, Medical and Transportation. The creative achievements of the Lohmann adhesive engineers are broadly diversified. They begin with the worldwide specification work, followed by the individual product development and end with the innovative bonding construction. With the integration of the adhesive solution in the automatic production system, the customer’s production process is supported and optimized directly on site. Thus, the customers of the “Bonding Engineers” receive expert advice in all adhesive engineering matters. Lohmann calls this holistic approach the “Smart Bonding Approach”.

The headquarters of the adhesive tape group is located in Neuwied / Germany. With more than 1,700 employees worldwide, the most advanced coating systems in locations in Europe, Asia and America, 29 subsidiaries and exclusive distribution partners in more than 50 countries, Lohmann provides the best prerequisites for  a continuous high demand for their solutions in numerous industrial sectors all over the world.